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A ship is only as successful as its crew. Meet the people who dedicate their time to keeping the Endeavour afloat, and providing visitors with a wonderful historical experience, each and every time.

Beverley Rutherford

General Manager

With a background in business development, tourism, and historical environment management, Beverly leads the crew on board HM Bark Endeavour. For the last two years Beverley has worked for the Endeavour’s current owner as a General Manager, so she knows all too well what is expected of her crew: high standards, and excellent customer service!

Marie Challoner

Visitor Services Manager

Nobody knows the Endeavour better than Marie. For the last 11 years, Marie has been involved with the Endeavour whilst she was berthed in Stockton, and - armed with her passion for excellent customer service - Marie is committed to ensuring the Endeavour Experience is a showcase attraction for Whitby & North Yorkshire.

Jane Pyman

Event Coordinator

With a proven track record in event management, Jane is in charge of creating an exciting programme of events which will be in keeping with the traditions of Whitby and its connection to the sea. Jane moved to Whitby recently, so she can focus on engaging with tourism boards and travel companies to encourage both national and international interest in Whitby.

Matt Baxter

Head Chef

A true Whitby local born and bred, Matt is an experienced and creative Chef with a passion for using locally sourced produce and making the most of the Whitby and North Yorkshire larder. Matt will be responsible for the mouth-watering cuisine served in the Orlop Café & Restaurant.

Darren Harrison

Restaurant Manager

A hospitality professional, Darren has extensive experience in the service industry and has received various accolades for his dedication to maintaining high standards and improving business performance. With a passion in providing amazing culinary experiences, Darren will be heading the team in The Orlop Café and Restaurant.