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07th July

Celebrating the Cook 250 Anniversary

We enjoyed an amazing weekend celebrating the Cook 250 Anniversary. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us and a huge thank you to all of the amazing performers who came onboard and entertained us #Cook250Whitby

29th June

A warm welcome home

See pictures of the Endeavour as she comes through the harbour entrance in full glory and receives a great Whitby welcome. Now she can undergo her final renovation ahead of opening as an attraction in her rightful home.

01st June

Flying the flag

Today is the day, after months of hard work the Endeavour sets off on her final journey home to Whitby. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

31st May

Final preparations are underway

Final preparations are underway for The Endeavour's final journey to Whitby tomorrow. At 2pm she'll leave Tees and make her way down the coast, expected to arrive at the seaward side of Whitby harbour between 5.00-5.30pm. She'll then await high tide before being brought into the harbour at round 7pm, docking at 7.45pm.

29th May

All hands on deck

All hands on deck getting ready for The Endeavours final voyage Home to Whitby. Not long now until she sets off on her final journey home.

24th May

New lighting

How amazing is the Endeavour going to look whilst she sits in Whitby. New lighting has been installed and is looking fantastic!

23rd May

Masts being installed

The 3 main Masts are almost back up, it’s very windy down here today but we are progressing nicely.

21st May

New display cabins

Take a little look at one of our new display cabins, wondering what could be going in here? Keep watching for more updates as the renovation progresses.

11th May

Sitting at the Dry Dock

A quick peek at the Endeavour’s progress as she sits in the dry dock. Exciting News to follow soon...

08th May

Old paintwork being stripped

A sneaky peak at the Endeavours progress today, off with the old paint and getting ready for the new!

07th April

Leaving Stockton

HM Bark Endeavour sets sail away from Stockton to complete the first leg of the journey to her new home in Whitby. This ship will journey down the beautiful north east coastline.

05th March

Anchors Away!

See pictures of the HM Bark Endeavours anchors as we prepare for the first leg of her journey home.

27th February

Taking down the masts – Part 2

Once the masts have been safely taken down they will be carefully removed and the ship will eventually be ready to move down the River Tees.

26th February

Taking down the masts – Part 1

Work has finally began on taking down the masts which will allow us to move the ship down the River Tees and into a dry dock.

02nd February

Clearing the top deck

Time to clear the top deck. Work has been underway to remove all the elements on the top deck, including our steering wheel. All of which will be carefully stored ahead of the restorations.

24th January

Removing the sails

Planning is under way to remove the masts in the coming weeks meaning we first have to remove the sails.

04th January

The Lower Deck

The lower deck area, known as the Orlop Deck, has the wooden floors taken out along with wooden barrels removed. All making way for our exciting new plans...

02nd January

Prepping the lower deck

Work has began on stripping out the lower deck and clearing as much as we can ahead of moving into a dry dock for renovations.

18th December

The old kitchen area

This was the kitchen area that has now been all stripped out and ready to begin the transformation.

15th December

A winter wonderland

Photo's of the Endeavour during some winter weather. The ship will remain in Stockton over winter to undergo extensive refurbishment and much-needed repairs.