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Gothic Dining Experience

This October why not kick off your Goth weekend in style and join us in The Orlop Restaurant for a wonderful dark evening of fine dining and soft gothic style music. 


Halloween Trick or Treat Family Tea

We all like to dress up for Halloween and what better place than Whitby to go trick or treating this All Hallows’ Eve. Come and join in the fun aboard the ship 4.30pm-6.30pm for a spookily good dining experience.


Murder Mystery night

It’s 1947 and as actors and actresses you’ve all been invited to a party being held to celebrate the resumption of film making at Pynewood Studios after the War. The auditions for Stefan Spellbinder’s latest blockbusting movie “Dying to tell You” are to be held in the morning and everyone who is anyone in the film world will be at tonight's "star studded" gala.


An Endeavour Christmas


New Year’s Eve