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Grab your skipper’s hat and take a dive into the treasure trove of history housed in this magnificent replica vessel. Previously the collier Earl of Pembroke, the HM Bark Endeavour was commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1768 to embark on a voyage of scientific discovery.

Captained by Lieutenant James Cook, a Navy sailor, the Endeavour succeeded in her mission to record the 1769 transit of Venus across the sun.

Peril at Sea

However, life aboard the Endeavour wasn’t all plain sailing! Captain Cook and his crew ran into trouble on the Great Barrier Reef on the return journey from Australia.

Thankfully, quick thinking from a midshipman named Jonathon Monkhouse kept the ship from sinking. Monkhouse suggested fothering the hole that had been punched through the ship’s hull by the reef.

The Endeavour eventually returned to England, docking at Portsmouth on the 12th July 1771. It went on to sail many further voyages, and is believed to have been scuttled at Newport Harbour in an effort to construct a protective blockade against French Warships during the American War of Independence. Find out more…

Climb aboard the HM Bark Endeavour

Inside our fantastic recreated vessel, both the upper and lower decks have been renovated to look ship-shape. The Endeavour features an exhibition packed to the brim with interactive displays, as well as our brilliant Orlop Restaurant, perfect for afternoon tea by day, and candlelit (scurvy-free) romancing by night.

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