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Voyage into the past by crossing the gangplank onto the only full-scale replica of the Endeavour in the UK.

The ship features three fully restored decks packed to the brim with exciting displays and interactive attractions, so there’s something for everyone.

On board, you can get a feel for the size of the living conditions Captain Cook and his men would have had to share during their seminal voyage to record the Transit of Venus in 1769. Delve into the sections below to find out more!

Our Exhibits

Browse the exhibits and displays you can expect to see when you come to visit the Endeavour Experience.


The Ship

Grab your skipper’s hat and take a dive into the treasure trove of history housed in this magnificent replica vessel.


The Journey Home

The Endeavour’s journey began back in April when she left Stockton-on-Tees and had to be craned over the lock gates at the Tees Barrage to overcome her landlocked status.

Whitby History

Find out more about the historic town of Whitby and just why the HM Bark Endeavour comes to rest in her harbour.